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8 Useful Tricks To Make Perfect Brownies

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One of the many desserts that would probably be on the list of any baker or even home cook is the brownie. I bet you tried baking up a batch of it several times especially for a snack.

There are simply tons of brownie recipes that you can use. You would even find more than 50 recipes just to cook up the best of the best brownies. Some would even claim that their recipe is the perfect brownie recipe. But those recipes won’t do you any good if you don’t have the right technique to get the PERFECT brownies.

More often than not, we all have that baking moment when we think that we are doing everything right yet we are actually doing the complete opposite without knowing it at all.

Believe it or not, there are a few very common mistakes that a number of us make when baking our own brownies. And these mistakes can really make a big difference to the outcome of that mouth-watering dessert.

Here are some simple tricks that you can use to get that perfect chocolate snack.

Read through this and share with us how perfect your brownies come out


1. Don’t go cheap on the chocolate!

Always make sure to use good quality dark chocolate bar. Remember that the hero when making brownies is the chocolate.

2. Follow your recipe exactly as indicated!

Always follow the baking time indicated in the recipe that you are using. Your brownies should be ready to be pulled out of the oven once the edges have shrunk away from the sides of the pan. If the center of your brownies look a little soft at first, don’t worry! They will set as they cool.

3. Always use parchment paper or wax baking paper on your pan.

This will definitely help prevent a messy serving. And will most definitely take out the small bits from the bottom of and sides of the pan.

4. Add a little bit of coffee.

Did you know that coffee enhances and intensifies the chocolate flavor without overpowering it. A tablespoon or two of freshly brewed coffee could bring a very good touch of enchantment to your mixture.

5. Shower your brownies with your favorite nuts.

Pecans, almond flakes, walnuts, cashew nuts—all go well with brownies. Nuts complement chocolate and add extra texture in every bite.

6. Resist the urge to over-mix.

With a rubber spatula or wooden spoon, gently fold in your flour into your wet ingredients to avoid over-mixing the batter. Over-mixed ingredients could result in tough and cakey brownies.

7. Use a light-colored pan.

Dark pans or glass pans conduct heat more than light aluminum pans, and could easily overcook the edges of your brownies.

8. Be very patient.

As much as you want to dig right into your perfectly cooked brownies, try waiting for it too cool off to get that perfect brownie texture. Plus they will be easier to slice up

Now those weren’t difficult right? So let’s put it into practice.

Start pre-heating your oven, preparing your ingredients and bake away.

Happy baking!



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